Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Consuming Fire

Aye, soldiers! Our God is a consuming fire!  He will shake, burn, and purify us.  LISTEN to me; we are battling against so much, WE MUST BE PREPARED!  God will prepare us and work through us to His glory; He will purify us and lay before our feet the spiritual weapons!  BROTHERS AND SISTERS TAKE UP THESE WEAPONS AND WAGE WAR!  Maybe I should take this down a notch; I am getting a little excited… NOPE, these words are ringing in my heart and must be expressed honestly and unedited (except maybe spelling).  Who He loves much He chastises much, he will shake and shake you until all that remains is a person ready to do battle in His army.  Do not be weary but love His rebuke, love the Holy Spirit’s conviction on your life.  Conviction and sanctification is the refining of your heart to be a mighty soldier, a man or woman that can be mighty as one and unstoppable when within the forces of God’s army. 

I had to get that out.  It is truth though, Hebrews 12: 26-29 states that God has shaken and refined us by fire.  We have been reborn, regenerated, sanctified, and transformed by the power of God through the grace given us through Jesus Christ!  Now as Paul told the Romans and is now telling the Hebrews that from gratitude it is our reasonable service to offer ourselves to God.  We owe Christ so much more than our temporal life, Chris Tomlin is playing on the radio in the background, he is singing “I Will Follow” I found the song on YouTube, here is a link: .  Really, that is all we can offer in return for His great sacrifice, to go with Him where ever He leads!  I read a quote today, I cannot remember who wrote it but it makes so much sense (basically): there are those who waste their life seeking God’s Will and those who do God’s Will.  How true, God has called us to action, we are called to arms. 

We are called to arms, we are to do battle.  What will you do, how will you live, what is your purpose?  We cannot ignore the call of God, the Will of God but must follow Him into battle and fulfill the ministries that are laid plainly in front of us!  Equate, Evangelize, and Equip!  We equate ourselves with the lost and the found a like, where there are people in need of care we must not be slow to reach our hand out!  Evangelism, sharing the Gospel with the lost, not the easy to believe gospel that is taken with excitement but when affliction or persecution come it is forgotten, but the full Gospel that is either rejected or grows to full faith.  Equip, meaning educate, edify, and encourage our fellow believers for every good work. 

When we are Equating, Evangelizing, and Equipping we are doing the Will of God.  The Pastor is not paid to take our responsibilities upon himself but to shepherd us into the full richness of doing God’s Will.  The Will of God is laid out before us, choose this day who you will serve, yourself the world and Satan, or the Almighty God who loved you enough to send His Son as a propitiation for our sins?  The reality of the cross, the love of God, and our new nature compels us to joyfully take action and figure out how we can fully operate in the Spirit! Behold, today is the day of salvation, choose this day who you will serve!

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